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Is obtaining funding advice useful? – Looking for a loan?

If you are reading this article it is probably because you are interested in financing. In the flood of credit products offered, it is not easy to find the most advantageous or most suitable solution for your needs: considering obtaining advice for financing, or using valid tools in your research, could be a good solution.

What are the main obstacles for those looking for a loan?

What are the main obstacles for those looking for a loan?

We often think that the procedure for applying for a loan is simple and quick. The reality is a little more complicated: personal loans are not all the same and there are many variables to consider in order to get the most suitable one, otherwise there is the risk of requesting a loan incompatible with our profile, which not only will not be granted, but it will waste time and good opportunities.

Here financing advice comes into play: in general, at least until we need to apply for a loan, we are not very informed about the best conditions, the current market rates and the various costs to be faced.

A consumer could therefore unwittingly take out a loan on unfavorable terms and with very high rates. To realize this, in the case of an average mortgage, for example, choosing the wrong interest rate can mean spending 30 or 40 thousand dollars more over the years.

Doing research, comparing the different offers and types of loan is fundamental, but it takes a long time; furthermore, by making false steps, such as sending numerous requests at the same time or receiving a refusal by a financial company, we risk being reported in the database and therefore wasting time once again, in addition to the fact that it could affect our ” creditworthiness “, that is, the possibility of obtaining new financing.

Financing advice: why is it useful?

Financing advice: why is it useful?

Another thing that not many people know is that applying for a loan is a real negotiation. It is commonly considered to be the same as buying a product, if it were a package already made, the price of which is the same for everyone; on the contrary, the conditions and interest rates vary according to the applicant’s bargaining power.

According to the logic of the market, all banks treat different customers differently, depending on their profile they offer better or worse conditions, but the possibility remains to negotiate them as in any commercial negotiation.

Choosing and applying for a loan is therefore more complicated than you might think, especially getting a loan that is suitable for your needs and is advantageous both in terms of money and time.

In order to deal with these problems throughout Europe, including Italy, the figure of the credit broker has been born for several years.

Who is the credit broker?

What does this professional figure do? As the name suggests, the main role of the credit broker is to put in contact those who want to get a loan with the most suitable lender.

The activity of credit brokers is well framed and regulated by the Bank of Italy: it is in fact necessary to obtain registration in a special list maintained by the OAM, the body of agents and credit brokers.

At first glance it may seem like an unnecessary role: why go to an intermediary when you can go to the bank with your own legs to apply for a loan?

Well, thanks to your assistance, brokers can solve problems that arise for the consumer.

What are the benefits?

First of all, they guide and inform the customer in the multitude of financing proposals.

Unlike a common bank employee, who is only informed about the services offered by his bank (and only from his own bank), the credit broker specializes in the category of loans and knows the offer of the whole market in depth, he can therefore compare the various proposals. He also knows and has relationships with dozens of banks and financial companies, so he knows if, at the moment, a given bank does not grant many loans or that it provides them only to a certain category of workers, it can therefore immediately direct its customer to the institution of suitable credit.

His advice does not stop there, but follows all the stages of the request until the loan is obtained.

A further reason for resorting to the mediator is the possibility of obtaining more advantageous conditions than those proposed by the bank at the counter. In fact, by having agreements with banks and bringing thousands of customers a year, and manages to get more favorable conditions, both in terms of time and economics, compared to what a single customer could get on his own.

Furthermore, the service offered by the credit broker in the brokerage of loans is normally free of charge for the client, as his business is remunerated by the bank. Only in certain cases, and only for advice relating to mortgages for the purchase of real estate, could a compensation be requested from the client, but in this case it is well specified in advance and in transparency by means of a contract.

What tools to find the right financing for you?

What tools to find the right financing for you?

Another valid tool to find the most suitable financing for you, saving time, energy and money is an online comparator.

In fact, the use of an online comparator like Good Finance can make your search much faster and more effective, allowing you to find in a few clicks the most advantageous and suitable loan for your needs!

In fact, in this way you can compare the various offers of major Italian banks and financial and calculate directly online the rate of your loan.

Don’t go blind… get help in your search and find the most suitable financing for you!